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Disruptive Technology

CRISPR has opened the door to perform gene surgery. CRISPR has the potential to emerge as one of the major market in genetic disorder treatment. Gene surgery using CRIPSR gene editing tool makes it possible for the physicians to precisely change the genetic abnormalities. CRISPR has provided simpler approach to gene editing and slicing. It is comparatively cheaper than other gene editing tools. The amount of research and development happening is mainly focused on treatment of genetic disorders.

The market for CRISPR technology is very niche market. The companies working in the market are majorly new and dependant on funding. Some of the major companies include Editas, Intellia, Sigma Eldrich, Oregene, Gene Script, Thermo Fisher Scientific and others. Companies are working on developing various products such as nuclease and plasmids, drugs, treatments along with the approval and commercialization of such products. CRISPR has the capability to open new markets for gene surgery and genetically modified organisms. However, there are major concerns from the scientific community regarding the misuse of such technology in human cloning.