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Double Glass Reactor

The batch one is consist of head tank, condenser, water separator, cooling devices, mixing devices, body, gears, seal, and so on. It is used especially in all the liquid-liquid, liquid -powder reaction industry. Like other reactor, batch chemical reactor also can widely used in many fields, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, paint, adhesives, resins, and other chemical production. Well, how batch chemical reactor work? By mixing, filling and cooling, this reactor can break down or recombined the materials thus promoting the reaction of polymerization. In addition, with development of technology, batch chemical reactor is available in different volume, from 50 L to 300000L.

Mention again, glass reactor is related to chemical reaction which is material changing form a beginning mass to a resulting substance. Chemical reaction often accompanied by easily observed physical effect like a color change, evolution of gas, formation of a precipitate, the emission of heat and light, and so on. Particularly, chemical reaction is different from a physical change in a substance because when a material has a physical change in the original item is still able to recovered. In a word, different chemical reactions are used in combinations during chemical synthesis in order to obtain a desired product.

In daily life, some common phenomenon is divided into chemical reaction, such as fire, fermentation and the reduction of ores to metals.

In addition to glass reactor, stainless steel also can be used to produce chemical reactor and stainless steel reactor also is very popular and useful. Mostly, this reactor also is used in flammable, explosive, high pressure or media in such harsh condition; mostly, the reactor is used in laboratory. Stainless steel reactor is available in different heating type, such as outer circulation healing, heat transfer oil heating, electric heating, and so on. In addition, the mixing types also include helical screw type, helical ribbon, self-suction type, impeller anchor type, and paddle etc.